Sugar Rush Flavors: Coffee Toffee and Coffee Coffee

In Sugar Rush Flavors on December 7, 2009 at 1:35 pm

COFFEE TOFFEE: Can’t decide between coffee and chocolate? Who says you have to? Enjoy a rich chocolate cake topped with a yummy coffee buttercream frosting and sprinkled with toffee crunch. P55 each.

COFFEE COFFEE: Forget the trip to your favorite coffee shop – this cupcake can give you the caffeine fix you need. A strong coffee base topped with a delicious coffee buttercream frosting and dusted with just the right amount of cinnamon – this cupcake will leave you wanting more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. P55 each.

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There’s a different story behind the creation of each Sugar Rush cupcake flavor. Some were born out of panic (see Red Velvet Dream), others just pure fun (see Dark Ninja).

With Coffee Toffee, it started with the sprinkles.

We spotted a tub of toffee crunch sprinkles during one of our many Sugar Rush shopping trips and immediately snatched it up. In the kitchen, we realized that not only did it smell good, it tasted great too. We decided we needed to create the perfect cupcake flavor to match it.

It wasn’t hard. We used our rich chocolate cake as a base and whipped up a strong coffee buttercream frosting giving the cupcake a deadly double dose of chocolate and coffee goodness.

It received a big thumbs up during taste tests. But we weren’t done with coffee yet.

During our next lab session, we decided to make a double coffee cupcake for people who really love their caffeine fix. We created a  strong coffee cake as base, topped it with our yummy This isn’t a caffeine fix – this is a caffeine kick.

We knew it was good because Giff, who was refusing to eat anything that night because of a toothache, attacked the poor cupcake like he was Jaws and it was a swimmer’s leg.

Coffee Coffee made Giff forget his tooth was aching. That’s how you know you just made a good cupcake.


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