Sugar Rush Flavors: Smoreshmallow

In Sugar Rush Flavors on December 7, 2009 at 2:40 pm

SMORESHMALLOW: Two layers of graham goodness hide an ooey-gooey marshmallow creme filling, topped with freshly made chocolate ganache, a toasted marshmallow and a perfect piece of Hershey’s milk chocolate. Sugar Rush Smoreshmallow is a delightful treat that is surprisingly not too sweet. P75 each. To order, e-mail

There is an abundance of s’mores cupcakes in the world and sadly, a lot of them are bad.

A lot of them are just chocolate cakes with marshmallow frosting. I’ve never tried one that tasted like real s’mores. I should know – I make mean s’mores. Where is the flavor of graham crackers? Where is the melted chocolate? Where is ooey gooey marshmallow?

And so when we locked ourselves in the lab for an intense cupcake creating session, I had an important goal – to create a cupcake that tasted like real s’mores.

Jill and Giff had other goals. They were both excited at the concept of roasting marshmallows because they both wanted to hog the brand new kitchen torch.

So yeah, we have different priorities but the important thing is we get things done.

Here is our Smoreshmallow Cupcake:

Here is the mini version which is adorable but which we probably wouldn’t make again for a very long time:

Jolo was at our lab that night – he was our official taste tester. But we knew he couldn’t try the s’mores cupcakes without trying real s’mores first.

We whipped up a couple of real s’mores and Jolo loved them so much he kept asking for more. He ate around four of them and I was worried he wouldn’t have space for the s’mores cupcake.

I was wrong.

He started eating the cupcake and making strange sounds. After swallowing, he finally gave us his verdict.

He loved the real s’mores but he loved our cupcakes even more.

His reaction was way better than expected.

We quizzed him. What about the texture? The ganache? The marshmallow creme?

He loved every single thing about the cupcake.

We let out whoops of joy and high-fived one another.

We were all sugared out that night and had to wait until the next day to try our newest cupcake.

Smoreshmallow is the most expensive of our cupcakes for many reasons – it needs a lot of ingredients (and we only use the best ones), it requires a lot of work, it takes a lot of time to make.

But one bite is enough to tell us that this cupcake is worth it – mess, dirty dishes, burnt fingers and all.

  1. where can i order?cupcakes pls send me ur contct no. do you have bakeshop where is it located? thank you =)

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