Sugar Rush Flavors: Strawberry High

In Sugar Rush Flavors on February 1, 2010 at 7:47 pm

STRAWBERRY HIGH: Rich yellow cake topped with frosting made using fresh strawberries and sprinkled with white sugar sparkle. Strawberry Shortcake will go crazy for this cupcake. P65. To order, e-mail

We had been wanting to work with fruits and when we spotted nice fresh strawberries in the supermarket, we knew the time had come.

The timing was perfect. We had friends coming over for a special pre-Christmas dinner and we wanted to created a cupcake that they could bring home with them. It can’t be any of our other cupcakes, no. We wanted them to leave our dinner party with something different, something new, something they had not tried before.

It was also around this time that Giff decided he wanted us to create North Pole cupcakes.

Hello strawberries, hello snowman, hello Sugar Rush North Pole cupcakes.


The cupcakes got rave reviews from our friends – some of whom had to use expletives to express their sheer delight over our cupcakes. We kept getting texts from them the day after our dinner.

We know Christmas is over but we don’t want to stop whipping up these delicious cupcakes. So, we present to you, Sugar Rush’s Strawberry High cupcakes. All the goodness of the North Pole cupcakes minus the snowman:


We love these cupcakes so much and we’re sure you will too.

  1. can’t wait to feast on these

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